How to Boost Immune System?
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How to Boost Immune System?

A fortified and well equipped immune system wards off various ailments and illnesses successfully. Incorporating certain specific foods that boost your immune system, in to your daily diet, promise complete freedom from cold, flu, gastric derangements, urinary infections and even the most dread cancer. An immune system that does not function appropriately or is greatly weakened increases your liability to a whole range of infections and disorders. Boosting the immune system is the foremost step to developing an opposition to diseases. There are numerous ways to boost the immune system; here are a few potent foods that boost immune system and keep it functioning optimally.

Boost Your Immune System: Foods to Boost Immune System

Yogurt helps boost the immune system significantly

Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis; these bacteria augment the levels of helper, activator, and total T lymphocytes as well as natural killer cells in the body. Yogurt is a powerful pro-biotic that prevents and treats stomach and intestinal infections and disturbances effectively.

Lime is a powerful immune system booster

Limes are packed with ascorbic acid or vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to be one of the most important vitamins that boosts the functioning of the immune mechanism and appreciably decreases your vulnerability to infections. Lime has the ability to improve the activity of WBCs, consequently averting infectious agents from invading our body. What’s more, it guarantees powerful defense against cancers too. Limonene present in large quantities in limes work like a free radical hunter and killer, and prevents the DNA of the cells from being impaired, thereby, checking the development of cancer.

Apple is packed with vitamins to boost immune system

Apples supply your body with vitamin A and vitamin C in large amounts. It also is chockfull with pectin and dietary fiber. Apples are packed with potent phyto-chemicals as well. The fruit has been found to be really effective in battling respiratory disorders, particularly asthma. Consuming one apple every day cuts down the risk of developing the disease and also reducing the intensity and frequency of the ailment in those who are suffering from it. Apples promote bowel regularity and keep your GI tract working as it should.

Herbs that Boost Your Immune System

Basil is a potent immune booster

Basil reduces your susceptibility to cold, cough and flu. It battles most infections effectively and helps decrease the severity and duration of the infections. Basil tea had daily promises a strong and fortified immune and defense system. Those suffering from recurrent respiratory, urinary and ear infections gain significant relief.

Rose strengthens the immune system

A decoction made from the petals and leaves of rose has been touted as an efficient immune system booster. Rose acts like a wonderful tonic for the entire body; it fights infections, keeps the skin healthy and perks up energy levels appreciably.

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