The Immune System: Our Built-In Protectors
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The Immune System: Our Built-In Protectors

With our complicated lifestyles and exposure to the toxic environments, it is easier to get sick than stay in good health. Nature provide a whole mechanism to balance our body when its adversaries set in. just as any organization has its marshals and government has its defense organs which takes charge of the immune system, fighting off its invaders in the body.


With our complicated lifestyles and exposure to the toxic environments, it is easier to get sick than stay in good health. Nature provide a whole mechanism to balance our body when its adversaries set in. just as any organization has its marshals and government has its defense organs which takes charge of the immune system, fighting off its invaders in the body.

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Harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, and toxins abound in our external environment. Internally, our bodies also carries a lot of hazards such as cancerous cells, atherosclerotic plaque, cholesterol deposits and free radicals.

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Physiologically, traditional Chinese medicine shares a parallel view with the west when it comes to the human immune system. The thymus, adrenal glands, and spine are the body’s first line of defense. They are followed by the bone marrow, blood, brain (pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus glands), liver, kidneys, spleen and pancreas. As these many glands and tissues send the proper signals to the brain through the nervous system, the immune system gets double time protecting the body against the alien invaders.

Besides the psychological aspects, the Chinese attach more importance to the energetic and spiritual levels of the immune system, which includes a person’s attitudes and emotions. They say that once the body succumbs to a disease, the taking of herbs, drugs, or nutrients is not enough to finally stamp-out the disease, especially if negative attitudes like cynicism, doubt, fear, confusion, and self-pity pervade in the person. These negative emotions, in fact lessen the effectiveness of one’s immune system, making the disease stay in the body, however potent the intake of one medicine maybe.

What exactly is the work of certain glands and tissues in defending the body? According to the Chinese precepts of medicine, the thymus is the three primary centers of the immune system. It is located behind the sternum, at the same cavity of the heart. Grief and anger have an immediate suppressive effect on the immune system. The thymus is responsible for producing T-cells which are very vigilantly patrolling the bloodstream. Its constant mission is to search for and destroy alien invaders in the body.

White and red blood cells are produced from the bone marrow. The white blood cells attack, kill and digest alien invaders in the blood, as well as malfunctioning precancerous cells. Like missiles to fight off bacteria and viruses, certain antibodies are released by the white cells.

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Vital enzymes that are needed by the body are produced and given off by the spleen  and pancreas. These vital enzymes become diverted to the stomach every time we tolerate a diet of overcooked and processed foods which are depleted of enzymes for antioxidants and other immune functions. With these divergences of vital enzymes, the body’s immune system suffers.

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Located in the mid-brain, the pituitary and pineal glands are the “small but terrible duo” where secretions regulate most of the body’s fundamental functions and biorhythms, including immunity. Recognized before as the master gland, the pituitary gland’s most important secretion is the growth hormone. Now the pituitary is overshadowed by a smaller gland known as the pineal. The latter is known to secrete a wide range of vital neuron-hormones, like melatonin and serotonin which influence almost all human functions, including moods, sleep/wake cycles, appetite, and sexual drive. This small gland is so sensitive that it could detect the slightest fluctuation in the earth’s magnetic field. This, in turn affects the secretion of the body.

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The adrenals are found on top of the kidneys. The wide variety of hormones is responsible for sexual functions, immunity, and the fight-or-flight response which is triggered when a person is subjected to stress. In traditional Chinese medicine, the adrenals are the “batteries” for storing the primordial energy that feeds the subtle radiant shield which protects the whole body.

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When we get some form of infection, we usually have these hard nodes or kulani as we call them, which is one of the roles that the lymphatic system takes to defend the body against alien aggression. The lymphatic fluids are like the body’s janitors. They absorbs the toxins and wastes from the tissues and blood, and transport them to the body’s sewage and vent system lie the colon, lungs, and pores for excretion.

The filtering work of the body’s defense department is under the care of the liver and the kidneys. They are meant to filter the toxins and metabolic wastes from the blood, purifying it so that it can perform the proper functions of nourishing and cleansing the body.

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Cerebrospinal fluids regulate all communications within the human system and trigger either immunosuppressive or immune-supportive responses. These signals are done by mutual biofeedback with the hormones, according to the state of a person’s mind and emotions. These fluids are like the “runners” or messengers, the channels between the mind and body communicates and corporate, to ensure health in the cerebra-physical defense system known as the psycho neuron-immunology.


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Great article, nicely explained.

Very thorough! I love this article. It explains everything perfectly.

very informative and well illustrated write.thanks Sir for sharing...voted up

another one of a kind article, backed by great research.

Everyone has already said everything that I wanted to say. Another job well done Ron.

What an outstanding piece of work.

What a interesting article. I suffer from MS so my body attacks itself. I try very hard to do all I can to help my immune system level out. I appreciate how easy you've made it for me to understand just how my immune system should function. Thanks a million!

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Thanks everyone for your kind comments, appreciated.

I believe attitude has a great deal to do with health for everyone. Thank you for this interesting and enjoyed information.

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I definitely agree Roberta, thank you for the comment.

I believe "burn-out" is the first step to immune dysfunction...

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Yes I definitely agree, thanks for the comment.