Tips To Strengthen Your Immune System
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Tips To Strengthen Your Immune System

Strengthen the immune system of your body in order to stay healthy and prevent sickness by eating foods that boost immune system and living a healthy lifestyle.

Knowing how to strengthen immune system is the best way to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. Everyone is born with innate immunity. This is the ability of your immune system to identify what does not belong and what is not good for your body. Your immune system works for 24 hours in strengthening your body to be able to deal with all sorts of bacteria, viruses, microbes and other disease causing germs. It plays a major role in the healthy functioning of all your body systems. In other words, your immune system does the remarkable job of defending you against disease-causing microorganisms and keeps you healthy and energetic. But sometimes, it fails to do the job. A germ invades your body successfully and makes you sick. This is because your immune system is dependent on how you live your life and what you eat. This article aims to give helpful tips and advices on how to strengthen immune system in order to keep yourself healthy.

The first step to boost your immune system is by living a healthy lifestyle. You can strengthen immune system and your body in general by adapting general good-health guidelines and healthy-living habits.

• Stay away from smoking.

• Eat a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and foods low in saturated fat

• Exercise regularly.

• Avoid being overweight.

• Control your blood pressure.

• Avoid drinking alcohol. If you are already drinking, drink only in moderation.

• Observe proper hygiene in order to avoid infection.

• Make sure you have enough sleep (at least 7-8 hours a day)

• Have a regular medical check up and screening tests for people in your age group and risk category

Your diet is one of the most important factors that will help you strengthen immune system. The food that you feed to your body determines how strong your immune system is. Here are some of the foods that boost your immune system:


It is important to always include vegetables in your everyday meals, especially the dark green and leafy vegetables. It is one of the foods that boost your immune system because it provides your body with the essential nutrients that your body needs to fight against all types of diseases. Broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce and kale are some examples of dark green and leafy vegetables that help to strengthen immune system.

Also included in the list of foods that boost immune system are carrots, yams, tomatoes and pumpkins. These yellow or orange colored vegetables are rich in fiber as well as antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals in your body. An example of this is lycopene in tomatoes which helps prevent cancer and heart disease.


Using garlic as a spice for your cooked meals is always beneficial to your health. Garlic has a lot of health benefits and help strengthen immune system because of these functions:

• Garlic lowers your body fats, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

• Garlic helps to open up your clogged arteries.

• Garlic helps in the elimination of parasites and fungal growth.

• Garlic lowers your risk for cancer because it is a powerful antioxidant.

However, you should remember is that cooking garlic removes some of it’s medicinal and health benefits. You should therefore be very careful when including garlic in your cooking. It is advisable to cut your garlic 10 to 15 minutes before cooking and leave it while the enzymes do the work. If you do this, you will be sure that you get most of the benefits that you can get from garlic to boost your immune system.

 Cayenne Pepper Or Red Chillies

Cayenne pepper or red chillies is another spice that is very beneficial to strengthen immune system if you frequently use it to spice up your meals. These red peppers are known to improve proper circulation in your body. It also helps in increasing the absorption speed of the nutrients of the food spiced up with it when you eat them. The more nutrients your body absorbs, the more you boost your immune system.


Soybeans and other soy products like tofu and soy milk are not only excellent sources of protein. They are also known to boost your immune system because of the following health benefits:

• Soybeans and soy products lowers your cholesterol levels.

• Soybeans and soy products reduce your risk of cancer and your risk for heart disease.

• Soybeans and soy products help in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Because of these health benefits that help strengthen immune system, soybeans and soy products have become popular inclusions on diets of health conscious people.


All kinds of fruits certainly contain many essential nutrients that your body needs to boost your immune system. Dark colored fruits are especially more beneficial because they are rich in bioflavonoid. and antioxidants. Blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, grapefruits, grapes, oranges and lemons are examples of fruits rich in bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoid is the natural pigment in fruits and vegetables. This natural pigment is known to help in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It also helps strengthen immune system by acting as natural antibiotics to your body The bioflavonoid in fruits also destroy the bacteria that are found in the foods you eat.

Your immune system dictates the state of your health. It is therefore important to make conscious efforts and take necessary means to nourish and boost your immune system on a daily basis.

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Comments (5)

The immune system is the most important of all to keep strong...thank you for such a good article.

You are welcome, Beverly. Thanks for the support.

I am a firm believer in vitamin c and telling yourself you don't have time to get sick. Plus, when kids are kids, let em eat a little dirt, that will definitely strengthen their immune system.

I totally agree with you Catherine. Thanks for reading.

Barney Mulcahy