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What is Auto Immune Deficiency?

An auto immune deficiency disease can cause serious illness and even death. Some doctors and researchers think that a lack of certain nutrients can contribute to the development of an auto immune deficiency disease. Physicians also think that certain vitamins, like Vitamin D, can help to protect persons from cancer and some autoimmune illnesses.

People are familiar with auto immune deficiency in persons who are living with lupus. There are also many individuals affected by various other diseases in this category. In auto immune deficiency diseases, the immune system, which usually protects the body, is weakened. It attacks the body’s cells in error. This condition is also known as Primary Immunodeficiency.

What is Auto Immune Deficiency? HIV/AIDS

AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is different from an auto immune deficiency disorder. With auto immune deficiency, the body has the wrong response to its tissues. With AIDS, a virus attacks the immune system and weakens it. Many people can live with the virus for years wothout showing any signs, even without taking any medication. People who want to learn more about HIV or AIDS in their country can usually get information from a clinic or health center within their community.

In the United States, people who would like to learn more about AIDS can do so through the various resources that are provided online and offline. For example, is one site that provides useful data and links on the subject.

What is Auto Immune Deficiency? Lupus

Lupus is one of the most well known auto immune deficiency illnesses in humans. Lupus is one of several diseases in which the immune system is weak and mistakenly harms the very tissues it is supposed to defend. There are many other autoimmune disorders, including Sjogren’s Syndrome. Inflammatory rheumatism is also an autoimmune disease.

In most countries, there are agencies which have specific departments that are dedicated to raising awareness about these kinds of diseases, which affect more and more people. They also provide support directly for people who are living with these illnesses.

What is Auto Immune Deficiency? Effects of Acquired and Auto Immune Deficiency

In both acquired and auto immune deficiency, patients have a weakened immune system. They are not able to fight off viruses and harmful bacteria as well as they could before the illness. They also have a number of other complications, depending on the type of immune deficiency disease that they have.

Sometimes people are forced to cut their workload because of immune system disorders. For example, tennis star Venus Williams has an auto immune deficiency disease that is known as Sjogren’s Syndrome. Her illness forced her to withdraw early from the US Open in August, 2011.

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